Upholstery Cleaning Services

Carpet Pros is proud to be recognized among the most educated and experienced upholstery cleaning companies in the nation. How do I protect my investment?

Very few textile cleaning firms possess the knowledge, experience, and systems necessary to clean any type of upholstery. From the most basic synthetics such as Nylon or Polyester to the most delicate of natural fibers, including fine Cottons and Linen, Carpet Pros is among the industry’s most trusted.

Carpet Pros is routinely called upon by other cleaning companies to clean upholstered fabrics that they are unfamiliar with, or to correct items they have damaged. Why? Because most companies have a "one-size-fits-all" approach, and they attempt to clean upholstered fabrics with the same processes that they use to clean carpet, thus with unpredictable and even damaging results.

At Carpet Pros, our technicians receive extensive training on the safest and most effective ways to clean all fiber types in the safest manner possible. The first step is to perform fiber identification tests to ensure the proper cleaning process for each fiber type in your home, thus providing safe, superior quality cleaning results.

Make no mistake about it – not all upholstered fabrics are the same. For this reason, be sure to place your trust in an experienced and knowledgeable specialist to clean your fine upholstered fabrics.