Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Ceramic tile - and especially the grout lines - are one of the most abused and overlooked surfaces in the home.

Is cleaning your tile and grout a DIY project? It can be, but there are obvious limits, and of course, it can be very time consuming and laborious...

The fact is that properly cleaning tile & grout can be an almost heroic task. This is because almost no tile & grout is ever properly "sealed" when it is installed, when all tile & grout should be sealed when it is new. And, the average first professional cleaning occurs nearly 10 years after the original installation. For this reason, even the best and most effective professional cleaning methods can fall short.

The good news is that Carpet Pros has excellent processes for this task, using only mineral-based and earth-safe products that won't harm your family, your pets, or this world we share. Carpet Pros skillfully accomplishes the proper cleaning of ceramic tile & grout lines, whether it be installed in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, or other area of your home. Those stubborn stains and soil don't stand a chance.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection:

Our professional technicians will inspect & make note of all challenging areas and make recommendations. This helps set proper expectations as to the final results.

  1. Area Preparation:

We will prepare the areas surrounding the tile, making sure not to disturb any carpeted or hardwood floors. At this point, all movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning.

  1. Dry soil removal:

Our technicians will thoroughly vacuum the entire area, maximizing the results we obtain. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is the most important.

  1. Soil Suspension:

Carpet Pros uses only the safest & highest quality products. The cleaning agent sprayed over the entire surface of your tile is the most scientifically advanced tile cleaner on the market.

  1. Cleaning & Rinsing:

Complex and difficult areas are treated & agitated manually. Other areas are agitated with the use of a Counter Rotating Brush. The entire floor is then rinsed & cleaned in the safest manner possible using our state-of-the-art self-contained pressure cleaning system.

  1. Sanitizing:

A sanitizing solution is pumped through the machine during the cleaning & rinsing phase, leaving the area fully sanitized.

  1. Sealing & Finishing:

Application of a quality tile & grout sealer is an important & highly recommended part of the process. This is the best way to protect these vulnerable areas going forward, helping to keep your floor looking its best.

  1. Post-inspection:

Technicians will initiate a walk-through inspection with you to go the over results.

At Carpet Pros we are dedicated to helping you keep your home healthy, clean, and always looking its best. The solution to difficult ceramic tile and grout cleaning is just a phone call away.

Trust Carpet Pros for all those difficult and unpopular projects. You really will be glad you did.