Filtration Soil Removal

What is Filtration Soil?

Those dark lines that sometimes develop along baseboards, on the edges of stairs, under doorways or around door jambs are known as filtration soil. This unsightly dark gray soil is a major concern because it cannot be removed with any traditional cleaning process. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, homeowners are told by their "trusted" carpet cleaner that there is no hope of removing the dark lines – and seeing no other solution, they just live with it – or worse, they replace the carpet. This is expensive and, in most cases, completely unnecessary.




Sadly, most carpet cleaners do not fully understand the technical side of their profession. They often have a "one size fits all" approach to cleaning, and seldom seek to educate themselves beyond the basics. Even those who say that they "treat" filtration soil achieve little better than marginal results.

Granted, the treatment and removal of filtration soil is not an easy task. But with proper diagnosis and by selecting the correct process, excellent and predictable results are achievable. At Carpet Pros, we pride ourselves on being able to properly diagnose the most difficult cleaning issues in your home, and then to implement the correct process to solve them, including those ugly dark lines. 

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