Our company's success is directly correlated to the great experience our customers have, because they tell their friends, neighbors, colleges and everyone else they see. We want your service to be so outstanding that you feel the need to tell everyone you meet, and then we want to reward you for that. Our reward program does just that, we reward you just for talking about your outstanding service and spreading the word.

For every new client you get to try our service, you will get 10% of their total booked value. You can either use this amount to go towards a service of your own or turn it in for cash. That's right, we want to pay you just for spreading the word. So whether you are at lunch, church or any event or function, just get to talking about your great service and get rewarded for yourself, just make sure they mention your name!

Once they call in and confirm service we will ask them who they were referred by. Once they have had their service, we will send you a certificate for 10% of the booked value. From there you can either use it for service or send it in and we will send you a check, the choice is yours!

Lets get talking!